What is a JADE Tiny House?

JADE Craftsman Builders has been building custom homes on South Whidbey for 12 years. As we thought more about sustainable buildling, the first step was to consider building smaller spaces. Through good design and craftsmanship, we apply all the best practices we use in a full size home to our JADE Tiny Home.

Local architect Matthew Swett of Taproot Architects provides design services for JADE Tiny House. Our thoughtful collaboration results in both design and construction of the highest quality, with a commitment to sustainable practice and the needs of our clients.

Depending on need, your JADE Tiny House can include all the amenities of a home, including kitchen, bath, and sleeping area. If other facilities are nearby or not needed, we can build you a studio or a sleeping room without kitchen or bath. The only limit is your imagination!

Our Tiny House can be either:

On Wheels, for maximum flexibility

On a Foundation, permitable in most areas